What is the Best Grind for Cold Brew Coffee?

When it comes to brewing coffee, there are a huge number of options out there, each of which can contain different ingredients, different devices and of course, different grinds.

This is largely because each grind can allow for extraction to occur in different ways.

Cold brew coffee is no different from the others, in which there is a type of grind that pairs the best with the brewing method.

Continue on to learn what that grind is!

What Is Cold Brew?

In short, cold brew is coffee that is brewed with room temperature or cooler water over a longer period of time than most other brewing methods.

That long brewing time is due to the temperature of water. With cool water, it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for a complete extraction to occur.

In addition, this method also uses a much higher grounds-to-water ratio, resulting in a brew that is stronger and more flavorful.

It makes for a fantastic option when you want a coffee boost without the added heat of normal methods!

How Is It Different From Other Brews?

Cold brew tends to be a bit stronger than others, and naturally it has a colder temperature.

That said, you can opt to warm it up after the brewing process is finished. There’s really no rule against it!

Most who hear the term “cold brew” may wonder if it’s the same as iced coffee, but you may be surprised to find that the two are quite different!

Essentially, iced coffee is coffee brewed in a standard way with hot water and then cooled down, while cold brew is brewed with cool water. You can learn more about the differences here!

Making Cold Brew

While making cold brew can be a lengthy process, it isn’t one that is terribly difficult.

Essentially, all that is required is combining the cool water and grounds in a ratio of one cup for grounds for every four cups of water.

At that point, you simply let the combination rest for the designated time frame.

After, you’ll need to filter out the grounds and put the resulting brew in another container.

Then, your brew will be ready to combine with the other ingredients of your choice like milk, sweeteners or syrups, and enjoy!

The most important part is making sure you have enough containers for all of it!

Which Grind Is Best?

Because this is an immersion brew, it tends to work a little better when you use coarse grounds.

This allows for the right amount of distraction, and it provides an easier time when you need to filter the grounds out, and keeps sediment from remaining in the resulting beverage.

On the other hand, if you choose to use something very fine, like an espresso roast, you can end up with something closer to a sludge and filtration can be difficult.

If you have a French press, it can lend itself well to the process because French presses are often used for their own kind of immersion-style brewing.

Naturally, the roast you choose is completely up to you.

However, those who are looking for deep, rich flavor can find that darker roasts are more satisfying.

Because of the nature of cold brew, the amount of caffeine in the brew is already quite high. As a result, it typically isn’t necessary to turn to a light roast for more of a boost.

If you’re curious about the differences in dark and light roasts, it’s worth gaining more information about what the different roasts have to offer.

Overall, once you’ve perfected your cold brew, you’ll find that it’s really very simple to make and even more fun to enjoy!